At Arvis Eco, we've used years of experience to develop solutions and improvements to processes and products in the construction industry. 

  • 2004 - Arvis Homes Inc. founded
  • 2011 - Arvis Consulting Inc. founded
  • 2011 - Developed first product dRain Joint received 2 patents.
  • 2015 - Sold dRain Joint to Bio Microbics 

"I started Arvis Eco to accomplish one primary goal: To ask and answer the question "how can this process or product be better?"

Bringing an innovative mind to the construction products industry.



The first product dRain Joint is now available from Bio-Microbics and is being used in a variety of projects around the globe.

Our founder


Innovate, Design, Prototype and bring to market new products used in the construction industry.