The exceptional, easy, & economical solution for stormwater runoff.


dRain Joint is a new, innovative and cost effective method for creating permeable, pervious surfaces. dRain Joint was developed to satisfy a permeable, pervious driveway requirement, while addressing the LEED and NAHB Green Building Guidelines. BMP’s and LID practices are highly recommended in today’s building and site designs and are increasingly required to meet stormwater management mandates. dRain Joint can be a part of your permeable, pervious solution. 

Current permeable, pervious surface options can be expensive, difficult to install and costly to maintain. dRain Joint has a moderate installation cost, and a very low life cycle cost compared to other permeable, pervious surface options. The dRain Joint system can be used wherever a permeable, pervious driveway, parking lot, street or walkway is needed.

The dRain Joint system is a simple, highly effective, and unique design that allows the use of traditional concrete, asphalt or paver type materials to construct a high performing permeable, pervious surface system. Your site Engineer or Architect can easily configure a design to solve the site design requirements for any rainfall event using simple computations.